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Thursday was a soft day… Not really raining, but all surfaces outdoors get wet. I think Hundertwasser has a point there – colours and textures only come to life when they are interacting with water. I got some PhD work done, but there’s still a lot to write. A lot…

Wednesday evening was beautiful. Warm, blue skies and everything. The grass has been cut in the field in the back of our house. Comparing to last year, it’s two weeks earlier! We did a BBQ and had our dinner outdoors – a couple of home made burgers, bread and salad, with herbs and rocket from our own garden. And, of course, a couple of glasses of wine.

En evening like this really makes we wonder. What’s life all about? This of course, living! Enjoying nature, listening to the birds singing, touching the grass, feeling the soft warm air against your skin, having a quiet conversation, playing with the dog.

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