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>So, UL’s ITD has yet again managed to shut down our email systems and proper network access. The university went off-line Saturday morning for network maintenance and came back on-line late in the afternoon. After this latest maintenance, the email servers cannot be used for sending email and appears to have great difficulties receiving email from the outside world. Perhaps this the ultimate fix for all the spam we’ve been getting 😉 Just screw up the whole system. Unfortunately this has the side effect that we can’t use the system for real communication.

By the way, it’s almost the same with the new voice mail system they installed. They have now upgraded it so that the usability is now at an all time low. What used to take 2 button presses now requires 3, and what number is “delete” at one level is something else at another level in the incomprehensible hierarchy of voice menus. The system now has a web interface as well that is weakly integrated by the handset control dialogue, hence it’s now possible to totally confuse your setting between handset and web. And, it cannot be accessed from outside campus.

To err is human, to totally screw up, use a computer – or even worse, ask ITD to fix it.

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