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>First, in the morning, bright sunshine over the river Shannon. Now, it’s overcast and some rain. The wind is picking up and the weather forecast is storm by the evening. As I’ve said many times before – there’s no bad weather, only the wrong equipment – so a few drops of rain and some wind won’t stop us.

I went down to Lyon’s to buy fresh fish. A whole cod (just a few hours out of the sea), a bag of mussels and some crab meat, all absolutely fresh. It’s a hell of a difference to the stuff you get in supermarkets and shops. You can smell the difference and touching the skin of the fish you can feel the difference in freshness.

After buying fish, I went to get petrol at the local coop. There, I also bought a pair of gloves as I had forgotten to bring my gloves from home. I got a pair of bright yellow work gloves for two euro. All gloves in the coop store were bright glowing colours – perhaps so that they can see you waving your hands if you fall into the sea ;-).

Dog-walk on Carrigaholt beach, including excessive throwing of sticks.

Shopping in Kilkee, including running up and down the main street between Nolan’s and Mace, not finding what I was looking for. Best advice from local shop keeper: go to Kilrush if you want that.

Toasted crab sandwiches

4 slices wholemeal bread

8 tbsp crab meat

3 tbsp mayonnaise

2 crushed cloves of garlic

8 tbsp grated mature cheddar cheese

2 avocados in thin slices

course ground black pepper and salt to taste

Mix the crab meat with the mayonnaise and garlic. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

Spread the crab and mayo mix on the slices of bread.

Divide the avocado slices between the sandwiches.

Top with the grated cheddar.

Toast in oven, on grill setting, for about 5 minutes.

Serve (possibly with a green salad and cherry tomatoes) and enjoy!

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