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>All morning they’ve been talking on the radio about risks flooding and storm damage. It’s believed that it’ll hit the south coast first and hardest. Here, in the mid-west, it’s greyed over and windier than yesterday but not too bad.

In the afternoon we went down to Carrigaholt beach for a walk, but the wind had picked up and the tide was coming in so it was a very short walk. I got soaked to my skin. Later, I went up to Kilkee for some shopping and on the way back I stopped at the Long Dock for a quiet pint. I had a great chat with some of the local gentlemen.

This evening I cooked chowder with cod, crabmeat and mussels. Also, added plenty of onions, garlic, parsnip, bell peppers, potatoes and a bottle of white wine.

The storm is roaring outside. It’ll be a bad night. We played Scrabble (Mona won).

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