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>We had a great Christmas, or rather, Midwinter. Some time off, and the weather was quite pleasant. Then we got to West Clare for a week over the new year and a bit. Still very nice, but the weather was slightly more hostile (but not bad. There is no bad weather – just the wrong equipment). Standing out there, on the Atlatnic coast, makes you think more deeply about the power of nature. There’s no way you can outrun a wave. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’ll kill you. If anybody reads this, please make donations to teh Red Cross.

This evening, Sweden is off-line due to one of the storms we had a few days ago. Nuclear power plants did shut down due to too much salt water. Networks collapsed. Also telephones. I bet you, the Swedes will use this incident as an argment to go more nuclear (which is the wrong strategy) instead of trying too figure out how to design sustainable living (wich is something completely different).

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