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>For Christmas, my mother sent me a VHS-tape with selected highlights from Swedish television. One of the programs covered the street kitchen (gatukök = chipper) in our old home town. Apparently it’s known to have the best mashed potatoes (potatismos [short] mos) in the world. Since then, we’ve been talking about this as probably the only thing that we really miss. But as a keen chef I decided to try to replicate the recipe and – sic – this evening we had Halv Special (half special) for dinner!

The design of this Swedish speciality is:

1 oblong piece of white bread

1 really good sausage

some mustard

Mashed potatoes

Prawn salad

Pickled cucumber salad

The really adventourous might even add some lingon-berry jam on top.

Bon Apetite

(or Bonnaptit as it’s said in the local Swedish accent;-)

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