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>So, now I’m in Heathrow. Long and boring wait for flight to Shannon.
There’s definitely something outright ugly with Heathrow, and the only thought that lifts my spirit is the quote from Douglas Adams 1988 book “The long Dark Teatime of the Soul”:

“It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the phrase, ‘as pretty as an airport.’ Airports are ugly. Some are very ugly. Some attain a degree of ugliness that can only be the result of a special effort.”

So taking Douglas’ advice from the Hitchhiker’s Guide, let’s get a few pints and some peanuts before I eventually board the Vogon, ah, I mean Aer Lingus flight. Let’s hope the captain doesn’t try to read any of his poetry.


  1. >In fact, the Captain was very chatty and wordy, talking about the weather, showers, a feck, it probably doesn’t matter, as we flew in over Ireland. I might have been a really bad attempt of Vogon-poetry. Due to the influence of all the peanuts, I thought the plane was approaching over the Limerick side of the Shannon. When the plane turned THE WRONG WAY, I thought OH NO, HE’s GONNA LAND IN FOYNES!!!!. But, as I said, due to the metaphysics of peanut indulgence, I was wrong and it was teh Clare side we had been coming in over. Or, somebody rapidly moved Shannon airport to the right place – 1 chance in a GogaZilliion.

  2. >Taking a slightly more positive slant on Heathrow, I always find something there is something magical about being at the hub of so many possibilities – looking at the “departures” screen – one could be going anywhere. I like to find a bar with a view of the goings-on “airside” and see planes going past with liveries from almost every continent (no sign of “Air Antarctica just yet). The very best thing about Heathrow, though, is leaving it, preferably in a 747: thunder of 4 jet turbines at full throttle, the improbable acceleration of such a huge mass. Valkerie might dream of such a chariot…

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