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>Back in normal [!] space, the IDC at UL. My life today has been divided into 15 minute slots. When will I get time to think? NOW. The Portal is progressing quite well, thanks to all the brilliant students in the IDC. Still, I really don’t understand why I’m doing this. Of course, I enjoy designing things and managing projects and people. I also enjoy eating cracker bread and picking my nose. I have an endless list of THINGS I should be doing (or according to some – that I should have done already the day before yesterday). Perhaps one should approach this just like the piles of stuff I have in my study at home – if I haven’t touched the pile of papers for a year, they are probably irrelevant and should be thrown out and recycled (just imagine… if you don’t read it more than once, then eventually you get to wipe your bum with it).

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