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>For the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing what sounds like a distant gunshot when we’re sitting in our garden. It goes BANG every 70 seconds. From my subjective judgement, it might be anything from 350 to 1000 meters away, in the direction of Castleconnell. We don’t have a clue what the hell it is. Even the most ambitious hunter would not be able to afford that many clay pidgeons. If anybody has an idea what it is, please let me know.


  1. >They have machines for scaring birds which fire off a shotgun blast noise every so often on a continual schedule. Maybe it’s one of those?

  2. >Could also be a watering machine which changes orientation on its hinge every minute or so, in a noisy way. We have them in Italy, and given that this Summer has been particularly dry, one of the farmers might have goten one???

  3. >The farmers where I grew up used gas guns to scare birds; essentially what willie_w describes above, powered by gas bottles, they produce a loud noise every so often to scare birds from crops.john pearson

  4. >yeah, that would sound about right, it’s normally about this time of year and spring when the farmer that lives near me set’s off his automaticaly firing annoyance device, /tony

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