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>From tonight, my wife will be sleeping with Darth Vader – to-be. Me. After being diagnosed with 25% sleep apnoea, I finally received my magical machine today that hopefully will force air down my nostrils while the rest of my body has forgotten how to breath, while sleeping. Either it works, and I’ll be very happy, or it doesn’t and I’ll have to start a new research programme into cyber-remedies for sleep apnoea.


  1. >Well the obvious comment would be:May the force be with you!Take care and send our regards to Mona!

  2. >Per & Sylvia, THANKS! I need it. After a few days with the CPAP now, I’m quite convinced that it’s improving my quality of life. OTH, the mask is pushing against the face all night so every morning I have a “mask print” on my face. It takes a few hours to disappear.

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