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This afternoon, Kerry with the help of a few PhD students had rigged up the 32 channel rig in CSG-01 in the CSIS department at UL. It was amazing to see, and in particular hear. A number of pieces were heard:
– Steve McCourt’s quadrophonics work.
David Spondike’s Schnappschuss von der Erde (8 channel)
Roland Cahen’s ROTATIONS II (8 channel)
Kerry’s stochastic tape work (24 channel)
Finally, I got the opportunity to try out one of my new experimental pd patches, using modified VBAP.
The SpADE is a fantastic resource, allowing our unique approach in both artistic endeavors in electroacoustic music and scientific work in auditory display to co-exist and flourish.
Today’s event was a pre-hear, testing the general configuration and the equipment. In the autumn, we’ll run a full public event.


  1. >sounds awsome, id love to get involved in something to do with sound like that, although I dont know what these deaf little ears of mine could produce, sounds brill 🙂

  2. >Lette, your ears are good. You have to listen, look and feel more to hear.

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