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Category Archives: auditory display

During the Sounding Object project, we researched and developed new approaches for sound on computers, responsive to physical interaction and easily matched to physical objects. One of the demos was the Vodhran, a virtual Irish Bodhran drum. The performers gestures are tracked using a Polhemus Fastrak 6-DOF electromagnetic tracker in realtime and the sound synthesized in real-time by our sound object models.

This summer, I’m planning to make another version of this, probably the Hodhran – a Hyper-bodhran, using a real bodhran, parts of a Wii controller, an Arduino and a few sensors (such as force sensitive resistors and bend sensors).

This afternoon, Kerry with the help of a few PhD students had rigged up the 32 channel rig in CSG-01 in the CSIS department at UL. It was amazing to see, and in particular hear. A number of pieces were heard:
– Steve McCourt’s quadrophonics work.
David Spondike’s Schnappschuss von der Erde (8 channel)
Roland Cahen’s ROTATIONS II (8 channel)
Kerry’s stochastic tape work (24 channel)
Finally, I got the opportunity to try out one of my new experimental pd patches, using modified VBAP.
The SpADE is a fantastic resource, allowing our unique approach in both artistic endeavors in electroacoustic music and scientific work in auditory display to co-exist and flourish.
Today’s event was a pre-hear, testing the general configuration and the equipment. In the autumn, we’ll run a full public event.