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>A new Softday project

Finally Sean and I got the NLUTDS installation finished at the INFECTIOUS exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin.

The installation has four stations, each with a Petri-dish with a few Daphnia swimming around, veiwed by a web-cam connected to an Apple iMac (Thanks to Apple for support!), with a PD/GEM-patch making vocalizations depending on the movement of the Daphnia. The voices of the stations are Bass, Tenor, Alto and Soprano.

We are also growing Daphnia on site….

The exhibition runs from the 17th of April 2009 to the 17th of July 2009


  1. >*applause!* Great title too.

  2. >Thanks!Unofortunately I’m not well enough to be there today for the Live performance with four human musicians playing together with the singing Daphnia.I’m on the mend, though.

  3. >I’d love to hear a recording of today’s concert, and share it with my sister -she works with the Daphnia’s cousins: we love to play on the science/art interface.Get well soon.

  4. >We’ll have a recording and video on-line in a couple of days time.

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