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During the Sounding Object project, we researched and developed new approaches for sound on computers, responsive to physical interaction and easily matched to physical objects. One of the demos was the Vodhran, a virtual Irish Bodhran drum. The performers gestures are tracked using a Polhemus Fastrak 6-DOF electromagnetic tracker in realtime and the sound synthesized in real-time by our sound object models.

This summer, I’m planning to make another version of this, probably the Hodhran – a Hyper-bodhran, using a real bodhran, parts of a Wii controller, an Arduino and a few sensors (such as force sensitive resistors and bend sensors).

I went to see the last day of the exhibition in_flux hosted by Occupy Space in Limerick City. It has been really amazing to see how Ireland in recession suddenly starts to show more creativity than ever before.
Other countries have re-appropriated industrial spaces into social and artistic places for many years.
As far as I have seen, this rarely happened in Ireland. But now, we have newly built, sometimes not even finished buildings and structures that are unlikely to ever become what they were supposed to be, or finished, becoming great low-cost places for artistic exploration and social interaction.

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