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With the emergence of wonderful audio apps such as Audioboo, it has become a challenge to record outdoors without the rumbling from wind hitting the microphone.
If you get some nice fluffy textile (see my note DIY Wind-jammer for Zoom H1), you can use a similar, but even simpler approach.
Cut textile
Cut a piece of the fluffy textile about 2 centimeters wider than your phone and about twice the length of the “base” of the phone.
Fold and stitch
Fold the textile with the fluffy side in and sew/stitch along the short sides.

turn inside-out, attach to phone
Turn the textile inside-out (so it gets the fluffy side out!)
Put it on your phone and record.

Happy Recording!

>With the rapidly increasing development and deployment of multi-touch interfaces (primarily from Apple), it’s definitely time to consider how the interaction design of media playing devices could benefit from a Sonic Browsing approach. While we used an circular aura around the cursor in the original Sonic Browser, with multi-touch you could directly manipulate a rectangle (or oval, or any shape if you use more fingers) that define your aura.